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Champion for Bangladeshi Tradition

Our delicious and flavorful sweets are available in Bangladeshi groceries in New York. We bring Bangladesh to your doorstep.

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      Traditional Bangladeshi Sweets for any occasion

      • Family Occasion

        Sweets is an integral element in Bangladeshi culture to celebrate all family occasions. Dhaka Sweets is committed to preserve the cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Our sweets make your unforgettable moments more special and sweeter.

      • Cultural Events

        Sweets and cultural events in Bangladeshi tradition are inseparable. We are delighted to serve you authentic Bangladeshi sweets to make your cultural celebrations more traditional and blissful. Continue our traditional legacy.

      • Corporate Events

        Dhaka Sweets brings the heritage back to this foreign land. Our traditional sweets and sweet dishes transform your corporate events into a personal experience. Personalize your corporate events with a touch of tradition.


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